Project Stay Safe with Ms. Chandrika Sultania founder of Imperial Park

In this pandemic era, travel trends have changed a lot. We, at, have launched a project named Project Stay Safe. Here, we are interviewing hotel owners about the safety and hygiene measures at Hotel.

Here we are trying to help people by making them aware about the safety and hygiene measures. We would hope you will follow practices while travelling.

We had a conversation with Ms Chandrika Sultania, who is a founder of Imperial Park, A Boutique hotel in Gurgaon. Her Mission is to empower woman travellers to travel fearlessly by opening a chain of hotels which are women safety centric.

In this video of Project Stay Safe, Ms Chandrika Sultania described about Protocols, they have set up to ensure guest safety along with their employees.

Watch the full video of Project Stay Safe, where as she described:


The measures that they are adopting:

– Screening, Protection, Sanitization, Restricted Entry Zones, Communication & coordination and last but not the least Setting up least contact Points.

– By what method they are focusing on being digital to give more significance to contactless and touchless?

– What all cleaning and sanitization protocols they are following for cleaning and disinfectants.

– How they are training their staff for food and beverages production as well as service.

– In what way they are maintaining social distancing the new norm by restricting the number of guests entering elevators, public areas and also the room occupancy.

Apart from all the safety measures, she also told us about how hospitality industry will be shaping up going forward. Also, what would be the sales and marketing plans for hotels.

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