Project Stay Safe with Mr Mohit Agarwal founder of Asian Adventures

In this epidemic era, we at, have launched a project called Project Stay Safe. Here, we are connecting with hotel owners about the safety and hygiene measures.

Our intention here is to help travellers about their safety from this deadly virus. We want to make our clients aware about the cleanliness and hygiene practices that most of hotels are following.

We had a conversation with Mr Mohit Agarwal who is a founder of Asian Adventures who also runs few resorts across the country. He has been in this industry for last 25 years and has served guest from all around the world.

In this video, Mr Mohit Agarwal told us about what all SOP’s they are developing. As per these SOP’s they will be focusing for the safety and hygiene of their guests. And how they are maintaining the new norm called social distancing. He also told us how they are restricting the number of guests by maintaining social distancing.

Watch the full video, where he has expressed his endeavours for safety and hygiene:


– What rules they are following to lessen the touch points with regard to payment, check-in, etc.?

– How they are planning to keep their lodges and resorts sanitized and clean.

– How they are training their staff for maintaining social distancing.

Apart from all the safety measures, he also shared his view points on how travel trends going be different post Covid19.

Mr. Mohit also told us about the 3 P’s which could be eye opener for everyone.

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