4 Corporate Travel Tips to Save Big On Your Business Tours

Business travel is a strategic investment that comes with chances of expected return. By having a meeting with the prospective clients in person you can build a lasting relationship and grab many profitable projects. But with rising airfare and accommodation charges travelling has become quite expensive. Companies are often seen squeezing their budget or putting their employees in an uncomfortable situation in order to deal with this problem. But with efficient planning in place you can make both your stakeholders and your employees happy. Here are the expert tips to keep cost down on your next corporate trip.

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Book in advance

In order to reduce your corporate travel expenditure, you must avoid last minute trips. If you book tickets one week before the departure schedule the tickets are 44% more costly on an average than those booked 15 days prior to your departure. Reduce the number of last-minute trips and this can help you in generating great saving. You should also ensure that there is a booking guideline in your company’s travel policy and if the need of last minute travel arises there is a stringent approval process so that there is a record in the company regarding the need of the trip and the person who approved it.

Follow a rideshare program instead of car renting

A car rental is not always a good choice if you’re planning to save few bucks. With the growing culture of rideshare, it has generated cost-effective transportation mode. There should also be a strict guideline in your travel policies for efficient use of rideshare program. Also, enlist the vendors whom you prefer and how your employees can document and expense their ride. For example, you can link the Uber app to your employee’s travel account and this will make the reporting of expenses much better.

Online coupons are a great option

Online coupons can be a great saviour if you’re planning a business trip. You can print coupons with the help of guest computers in the lobby of the hotel or bring your phone to scan for the best options available locally. Many corporate hotel discounts are also available online. RetailMeNot.com is one such website that easily provides you restaurant coupons. You just need to type the name of a website that you prefer at that location and you’ll find great deals online.

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Use Business Travel Booking Platform- Roomsxpert.com

For affordable business travel booking, Roomsxpert.com can be your best bet. They help you in finding affordable accommodation rate, corporate airfare and also negotiate rates so that you get the best deal. Few travel companies also provide access to employees for financial reporting online, affordable travel services and low fare search portals. These effective tools give a real insight of your spending and help streamline your approval and booking process.


RoomsXpert.com gives you many options for hotel rooms at a pocket-friendly price. Save money on every business trip with these travel-friendly tips. You can also take services of RoomsXpert to plan a great business trip without scaring your bank account. After all who doesn’t want to save a few bucks!

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