4 Ways to Stay Fit When Travelling

The toughest job of a business traveller is to stay fit when he is travelling. If you ask, the easiest way to gain weight without doing anything extra is to travel for work. Well, it is quite obvious. You are not being lazy, attending meetings, hopping on different plans and come home to realise that your pants do not fit anymore. It is not entirely your fault when most of your meal options consist of breakfast buffets and dinners sponsored by your company.

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So, here are some easy ways to stay fit even when you are a busy business traveller:

1. Get Enough Sleep

The importance of a good sleep cannot be stressed enough. In fact, sleep deprivation is known to make people fat. So, make sure that you schedule enough recovery time after you have taken a long haul flight. Not to mention that if you are exhausted, you are likely to eat more than your body can process.

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2. Skip the Rental Car

Opt for a public transport option or taking the walk as and when possible. You will not only save money on rental cars but also do your waistline a favour. Taking a walk to the conference hall or opting for public transport will also give you an opportunity to explore the destination while you get your business done, something that is not possible if you opt for car rentals every time.

Taking the walk

3. Choose the Right Hotels

When you book hotel through an online booking engine for corporates, you get the option to choose amenities. So, ensure that the hotel you pick has an in house fitness centre that you can use as and when you want. If that is not possible, try to pick a hotel that has a gym within walking distance or nearby walking area.

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4. Eat Local

It is important to avoid eating in chain restaurants. When you travel internationally, opt to eat what the locals eat. Avoid going to restaurants that offer rich and fattening meals.

Eat Local

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