5 Reasons Why Homestays Deserve a Shot

Homestays- those who have heard of them are aware that Homestays are an upcoming travel trend. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Homestays are slowly revolutionising the way people travel. Certainly more economical and interesting choice of accommodation, Homestays are a housing and lodging arrangement where visitors stay in the house or apartment of a local visitor during their stay. The length of the stay can vary from one day to even a year, and it can be offered for monetary benefits or free of cost as a community service. Involving a host and a guest, homestays are a home away from home. There are opportunities that a homestay gives which a commercial hotel can’t, and here are a few reasons why homestays deserve a shot!



One of the most attractive advantages of choosing a homestay is the cost. Homestays are relatively cheaper than commercial hotels and the cost includes the cost of meals, room and cleaning services. Especially for a longer term, Homestays turn out to be a value for money.

Homestays cost

2.Meeting New People

At a homestay, you get the opportunity to meet new people, mostly locals, helping you to explore their culture more closely. It is also a great opportunity to make new friends, the host of the homestay is more than happy to welcome you, so you get to have at least one new friend in a new country.

Meeting New People

3.Cultural experiences

Living at a homestay would provide you more opportunities to explore the local culture more closely than anywhere else. Depending on your involvement, you get to understand how they work, their daily routines and festivals in a more real and non- bookish way. The host may take you to places or events that a tourist may not even be aware about. Moreover they will be your personal tour guides.

Cultural experiences

4.Language Skills

Living with locals will provide you an opportunity to learn the local language. Living with the locals will force you to use local language rather than English. The host family will happily help you practice your language skills, making it easy to explore the destination you are in.

Language Skills

5.Perfect for solo travellers

Solo travel can be an extremely liberating experience, but there is always something comforting knowing that you are staying with someone who knows the destination well when you arrive. Your get to share their stories, meet interesting people and experience the place through the eyes of a local.

Perfect for solo travellers

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