A Guide to Finding the Cheapest Flights

In today’s scenario, booking a flight has become a fairly easy job but finding a cheap flight that suits your plans is still struggled for. We have all been through the tiresome process of finding the cheapest flight with endless search engines and ever fluctuating prices and how over whelming it can get. So here we have a guide for you to find cheap flight for any destination:

Flights Booking

1.Be flexible

The prices of the flight tickets vary as to what time of the year you are travelling, days of the week and upcoming holidays. So, obviously, if you are going to fly where everyone is flying, you are going to pay higher. Going in the peak season is anyway overrated, so travel in off seasons to fetch better deals. It is also recommended that you fly in middle of the week since most people fly on weekends and prices tend to be higher. And if you cannot change your travel dates, be flexible with your destination.

2.keep your searches hidden

Have you had the feeling that prices change if you search the same flight a couple of times in your browser. Well, that is true. Prices tend to change as per the cookies in your browser. So, you should always search flights in incognito mode to make sure you are getting the cheapest price available.

3.Use multiple search engines

Although no search engine is perfect but they do make it possible to search for flights from countless airlines all at the same time. So, you may need to search a variety of search engines to crack the best deal.

4.Travel with Low Cost Carriers

Budget airlines or low cost carriers are considerably more affordable than their full-fledged counterparts. You may definitely have to compromise on free food and leg room but you can surely save on big bucks. However you need to be smart with the fee they charge. Low cost carriers will charge you for checked bags, carry alongs, using a credit card or getting your boarding pass printed. So, you need to add up all the costs along and check if it is actually going to be cheaper.

5.Search for airline error fares

Now this can be a little tricky and not very easy to do. Airlines sometimes post wrong fares leading to extremely discounted prices. This could happen due to various reasons like technical glitches, currency conversion mistakes or human errors. So, if you can find those errors you can save on a huge chunk of money.

6.Book early, but not too early

With all the talk about getting better fares if you book early, it is fairly difficult to judge how early. The best idea is to book 6 -8 weeks in advance or 3 months if you are going to fly in peak season.

7.Make use of frequent flier program

Airline have options to reward their frequent fliers with rewards like huge discounts, free upgrades and even free flights. So, sign up with the airline that have those reward programs which are sometimes even extended to their partner airlines and reap huge benefits.

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