Best business travel tips to reduce the hassle on your business trip

If your job demands you to attend many conferences that take you around the globe, then you may be looking for some good business travel tips. These tips are universal hints for travelling better and executing your next business trip in style.

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Work with a single travel management company

Always choose a single travel manager to give your business a medium of contact for bookings, changes and reporting. A single travel manager or business travel management company will help you save your time on managing a travel program. Also, working with single travel management company ensures you get the most cost-effective options to save a good percentage in your annual business travel costs.

Have a good place to stay

In cases when the business trips are longer than a couple of weeks, it is best to stay in a serviced apartment. Because serviced apartments are more spacious and give a homely feeling so that you can feel more comfortable. Plus, they come with all the amenities like fully equipped kitchen, wifi facility, comfortable bed, spacious bathrooms, etc. There are a lot of apartments that even provide access to a pool facility, meaning you have a good place to relax and feel comfortable.

Dine in local

While you are on your business trip, avoid eating out in expensive restaurants and also beware of the tourist traps. You should rather search for a few low-cost, high-quality options that are available locally.

It’s best if you book together

If you are making a trip along with a small group of colleagues, always try to book together. It’s better to book a suite rather than individual rooms to the entire team will contribute to your company’s savings.

Make use of cost-saving strategies

Try to use practice booking options to help place your business in a better position of making savings. As per Airfare studies, businesses can save up to 36% on the rates of one way ticket by booking using the best fares of the day. And if businesses can book 21 days or more in advance, they can easily save around 116% on ticket prices. Making use of fixed fare types for inbound and outbound travelling, flying at non-peak times and comparing prices across stay options on business hotel booking site can help save upto 30% or even more on your business travel.

Keep all your documents in order

Click photos of all your important documents and save them in the phone. Because even if you lose your wallet or any document, you will at least have the back of that info on your phone.

Business travel is definitely less spontaneous but more stressful. You’ve to follow a schedule, meet work deadlines, and attend meetings. But, by taking advantage of these tips, you can alleviate some of your stress. Using these tips will help you to plan, coordinate and execute your business trip in a better organized and more successful manner. To put simply, always travel smarter with greater comfort and convenience.

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