Best Credit Cards for Frequent Travellers

It is expensive to travel. For any travel planning we are always on the lookout for discounts and cashbacks to reduce our costs. But are you aware that you can travel for free? Even though it sounds a bit exaggerated, it is not completely untrue.

We all carry credit cards to our vacations. When on an international trip we all prefer to pay by plastic money to reduce the hassle of carrying cash and making currency conversions. With extended use of plastic money during travel, some banks offer credit cards which are specially meant for people who travel frequently. Since every traveller is different, so are the credit cards and their rewards. These credit cards offer extra miles and specific tie ups with airlines along with discounts on hotel stays, cashbacks and lots of other benefits.

Here are India’s top credit cards for frequent travellers:

1.Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card :

An amazing credit card option which gives you a complimentary air ticket as a reward. The card not only provides extra miles to its users but also has tie ups with more than 100 airlines and online portals like and where you can use these rewards. The card offers 10 miles per 100 INR spent and offers discounts and promotions on hotel and dining option. The card holder is also entitled to an access to the airport lounge.

Citibank Premiere Miles Credit Card

2.American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

If you are looking for more miles along with good reward, American Express has just the right card for you. The members get 8% reward rate and a special tie up with Indigo airlines. You also receive 5000 reward points as a welcome gift which can be redeemed at Indigo airlines.

American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

It also rewards the frequent fliers with free airline tickets to top cities of the country.

3.HDFC Bank, Regalia

If you like to holiday in style this is indeed the best choice for you. It gives a free Taj Epicuria plus Membership and rewards on dine out and Vistara airlines. It also gives a Club Vistara Membership for free and you get to earn points not only on airlines but also on food, entertainment and fuel.

4.Axis Bank Miles and More Credit Card

This card allows you to get privileges on 9 airlines, including Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines. The members get a welcome bonus of 5000 miles and an additional annual bonus of 3000miles. The miles earned can be used on airlines, shopping, fuel, entertainment and dine out.

Axis Bank Miles and More Credit Card

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