How to Survive a Long Haul Flight


Travelling today is not just for leisure, but an important aspect of any business. Although most of us enjoy a business trip every now and then, it is the flight that sometimes has to be endured rather than enjoyed. For travelling to far away locations like the western parts of the world, you have to be in the air for twelve hours or eve more. But the good news is, there is a lot you can do to make your travel a little bearable.

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  • Choose the right airline

    If you are going to be in the flight for such a long time, then you are likely to enjoy the flight more if you travel by a higher rated airline. Choosing to fly by carriers like Emirates might be an expensive choice, but it does make the cost worth it.

Choose the right airline corporate travellers

  • Get an upgrade

    Flying by a business class or even a premium economy will give you better food, more legroom, comfortable seating and definitely a more attentive service than a regular economy class flight.

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  • Stop over

    If you have time and flexibility plan your trip for a stopover for a night or two. You will make your journey much more bearable along with getting to travel and explore another destination.

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  • Pack your go – to gear

    While it is always advised to travel light and not carry much stuff, it will surely be a good idea if you get along with you a few things than can help you travel with ease. It could be your headphones with your favourite playlist on the phone, your laptop loaded with your favourite movie or shows, a neck pillow or a light blanket.
    If nothing of these work for you, get along some work to do. It never kills to pass your time by getting your pending work done.

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  • Be well rested

    Do not count on a long haul flight as a means to catch up on sleep- it is not. It sounds attractive to board the plane extremely tired hoping to sleep through the entire journey, but it hardly ever happens. On the contrary, if you are well rested, you can count on catching up a few short naps during the entire journey.

    Be well rested Travelling


  • Choose your seats

    It is advised to check in early and choose your seats according to your preference. Some people like window seats to sleep comfortably and some prefer an aisle seat to have ease of getting out.

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  • Secure your belongings

    A long haul flight gives plenty of time to dodgy travellers to figure out where you have kept your wallet, and wait until you fall asleep to make a move. So keep your valuables deep inside your bags, and cash, passport and money in a belt under your clothes.

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  • Make adjustments for a lag

    There are many ways to lessen the effects of a jet lag. It helps to drink water instead of alcohol and taking regular breaks from your seat to stretch a bit. Whenever possible book a day flight and before you board, set your watch according to the time of your new destination.

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