How to Book Hotels for Business Trips Quickly

More often than not, business travellers spend a lot of time looking for the right flight and end up booking their hotels in a hurry. Once you have booked your flights, it is easy to put off booking your hotels. Hotel bookings for a business trip is not complicated at all, but not many know that there is a lot more that meets the eye if you want your trip to be comfortable and hassle free. So, here are some tips how you can make your hotel bookings quicker and convenient:

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1. Understand the priorities of the trip

There are many business travellers who spend more than half a year away from home. If you are staying away from home for such long duration, it really matters where you sleep. Hence, your living arrangements have a huge impact on your trip. So, set your priorities in the first place. Whether it is important for you to be close to the airport or you would rather be close to the city centre or event venue. Would you like to have all your meals in the hotel or you would rather prepare your own food. This way you will not be wasting time in looking out for things that do not matter.

2. First search among preferred hotels and those with negotiated rates

If you have a list of preferred hotels, it can make the booking process much quicker than you imagined in the first place. So, always look out for hotels that have negotiated rates with your company, preferred hotel chains or your favourite hotel in that destination.

3. Choose ease of transportation over proximity

As the old saying goes, time is money. This holds especially true for business travellers. Since most business travellers are pressed for time and always on the move, a quick transport option is an absolute must for them. People tend to focus on the distance of hotel from needed location rather than focussing on the time it takes to commute.

4. Stick to policy from the outset

One of the fastest ways to book your hotel is to do it right the first time. Most company policies have a pre-trip hotel budget along with a per day hotel budget. Most of these budgets vary by city. So, it would be wise to stick to your company policy in order to avoid additional approvals or alterations to your bookings later.

5. Don’t use the star rating system

Who cares about the stars if the services are up to the mark? It would be better to go for a three star property with a great business centre rather than a 5 star hotels whose front desk makes you wait for an hour to get my room ready. Style is one of the more important preferences as compared to star ratings. Look out whether you want a homey look or trendy look and check out the amenities that you care about.

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