Why China Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

If you are looking around for destinations to finalise your next holiday, take a pause! How about going to a place that is beautiful, exotic and stimulating with whole lot of new experiences? If your answer is yes, China is the answer to your search. Forget what you know about China, even forget what you think you know about China because it is not going to be just another vacation. China lets you explore a culture that is altogether different than that of your own. Here are some reasons to convince you to book your tickets for China for your next family vacation!

1.See what the fuss is about?

We all have heard a lot of fuss being made about China, but you cannot find out unless you visit there. A habitat to one fifth of world’s total population, China has something to offer to everyone and is surely going to make your trip memorable.

Holiday Destination in China

2.A kid friendly family destination

If you have kids, you know travelling with children can be extremely difficult and needs way too much considerations. Interrupted sleep schedules, meal planning and diapers changing hassles are a few things that come with a vacation with kids. But you will find that travelling to China is much more manageable with kids than any other destination. You will find that it is one of the most kid friendly destinations of the world where no one will stare at you if your child throws a tantrum in the hotel lobby or when they make noise in a restaurant. Besides that, there are numerous kid friendly activities like museums to let the kids have a good time.

Kid Family Destination

3.The oh so incredible food of China

Who does not want authentic Chinese food? But chances are that what you might have had so far is not what you will get in China. So, come here and start from scratch. There are various culinary tours available for food fanatics. Every region of China has its own distinct flavours and specialities. The cuisine of Shanghai is supposed to be sweet whereas the Sichuan region is known for its spiciness.

 China Food

4.The pandas

Visit China and you can see huge pandas in their own natural habitat. You can also plan a trip to the famous panda breeding place here. For a huge chunk of money, they will even let you cuddle and hold a baby panda, isn’t that an awesome news for all the Kungfu Panda fans?



China is a popular location for all shopping lovers. From teas, to scarves, real pearls and bespoke fitting clothes, China will not disappoint you. Do not forget to bring in an extra suitcase for all the stuff you are going to buy!

Shopping in full swing

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