Here’s How You Can Make Your Business Trips More Efficient

Anyone who runs a business or is involved in one in any capacity could tell you that face-to-face communication is among the most effective forms of executing business or related tasks. It doesn’t matter what the meeting is about; you could be discussing a concept or a product, offering a service, or selling an idea, the fact remains that doing it in person greatly increases the chances of successful conclusion. That’s the fundamental principle behind the concept of business travel. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur striving to establish new connections in the market or if you’re a part of the sales team out to achieve your targets, travel constitutes a considerable portion of your professional life. Thus, how business travellers manage and spend their time traveling can greatly influence not only their productivity, but also their health and overall well-being. With that being said, conducting business on the road can pose its own set of obstacles. From needing to carry a mobile office to adapting to varied time zones and cultures and operating in new environments. For a successful business trip, it is imperative to be prepared to meet those challenges and yet retain your concentration to the task at hand. Additionally, business travellers also often get caught up between planning and preparing for meetings and presentations, getting travel related documents ready, ensuring adherence to the airline’s regulations, packing, etc. All this can make the process of getting ready for business travel also seem like a humungous task. So, here’s a convenient list of tips to ensure efficient business travel:

  • First, mode of transport. Today the world offers a lot of different ways to travel, including cars, buses, trains, flights, etc. So, before you decide your mode of travel, be sure to carefully evaluate and consider all your options. Besides any imperceptible advantages and/or disadvantages, perhaps you should also factor in the chance and time to get more work done as a passenger of the mode of transport you opt for.

mode of transport

  • If you are travelling out of the country, get your visa and other relevant paperwork in order as soon as you possibly can. While many countries have the provision of visa on arrival, others need you to get your visa before you travel to that country. So, make sure you know the visa related formalities required by the destination country and start the application process in advance, if at all. However, if it is a last-minute trip, you can use expedited visa services to secure your visa in a short period of time.

travelling out of the country, visa work

  • It goes without saying that you have an endless choice of hotels or other accommodations to pick from. It is highly recommended that you think carefully about what you need and want and ensure that you look around for the best possible price. If you know where to look, you will easily be able to save an impressive amount of money on your accommodation.

hotel accommodation

  • Saving your itinerary on your phone is always a good idea since you will be able to access it even when you don’t have cell service or an internet connection. In fact, it is also wise to carry printed copies of your itinerary, which will come in handy in case your phone’s battery dies or you are travelling to a place where they either don’t have the provision to scan your phone or simply don’t allow it.

carry printed copies of your itinerary

  • Travelling is always accompanied by additional costs. It is a good idea to know where you can cut costs and where it is better to spend. Case in point: it’d be a great idea to rent a nice car if you are looking to make an impression with your clients. Another good example of where it is advisable to spend is Wi-Fi; though it is admittedly an additional cost, it’s usually worth it since it allows you to be more productive.

cost Cutting while Travelling

  • You are unlikely to be unable to maintain contact with your team throughout the entirety of your travel, especially if you are travelling out of the country. Hence, programme a fixed amount of time to catch your team up in your schedule. You can also use this time to get caught up with other communications such as emails or voicemails, or make any necessary phone calls, if at all.

communicate over voice mail

Meeting with multiple clients

  • In this day and age, electronic devices are not only necessary but also vital to ensuring efficient business travel. The world has to offer hundreds, if not thousands, of travel-related apps that provide aid in myriad ways: from helping travellers find their way around a new city to helping them communicate and network in a foreign country, there’s an app for pretty much everything. Also, create a dedicated folder on your phone and put all of the essential travel apps in it order to be able to access them quickly.



  • If your job requires you to travel often, put together a ‘Go bag’ that contains all items you deem essential. While it may not be easy to include wardrobe in this bag, you can keep items such as charging wires and cables for your electronics, toiletries, socks, other garments, a pair of formal shoes, slippers, business cards, pens, etc. This will save you a lot of time since you will not be required to go through your checklist of packed items every time. Plus, it will ensure you never forget the important items and are always ready to go. But don’t forget that some of the items in the bag may need to be replenished after every few trips.


Traveller Bag Pack tips

  • Packing can understandably prove to be quite tricky. One of the most important things to remember is that packing light means you will be relatively more mobile, will need to keep track of fewer items, and will pay fewer baggage fees. To pack sparingly, opt for a colour scheme of two or three solid neutrals that you can then mix and match and accessorize with scarves or ties. Also, restrict the number of shoes you carry to three pair and be sure to wear one of them while travelling.

Traveller Bag pack tips

  • It is imperative that you maintain your normal routine even while travelling. To make sure you stay sharp for your business meetings, even if you are in a foreign land, it is advisable to balance your sleep schedule, eat healthy, and exercise as you do at home. To counter jet lag, set your watch to your destination’s time and stick to an eating and sleeping schedule accordingly after you land.

Eat Healthy, Sleepy, exercise

  • It may be easy to fill your schedule to the brim while travelling for work, which makes it doubly important to make sure you also take time to relax. To ensure efficiency, don’t put too much on your schedule and be sure to rest before any big meetings.Using these pro-tips for business travel will not only make sure you have an efficient trip, but will also allow you to be more productive without causing additional stress. And honestly, who doesn’t want a stress-free trip? If you too have some tips and tricks to share, feel free to tell us about them in the comments section.

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