Love Bar Hopping? These Are the Cities you should Head To

Those who travel know that travelling around the world offers immense opportunities to experience local culture, try new exotic cuisines and may be try your hand at a local language. But most of us will agree that the best part about visiting some place new is to experience their night life. Bonding over a pint of beer or a glass of wine with a stranger in a new city offers horizons for new friendships and exploring more about the life of foreign locals.

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So, if you are intrigued by the idea of Bar Hopping in a foreign country, here are some cities that you must visit:


Pubs are a fundamental part of London. For starters you can visit the Fitzrovia’s smart gastropub, or the Soho Pubs with rainbow flags. If you like you can also finish your bar hopping in a Victorian style at Brook Green Hotel in Hammersmith.

Brook Green Hotel in Hammersmith


The Dutch capital, known for its crafts beer has a wealth of places to taste them. Amsterdam is famous for its ‘Ale” at local ‘brouwerji’ and several small pubs in the Red Light District.


3.New York

New York is a city that is bursting with pubs and bars at every nook and corner of the city. It is the best city to mingle with other creative minded people while you explore the history of some of the New York’s oldest pubs. The city is also famous for its bar crawls with free drinks on the house.

New York’s Oldest Pubs


Prague is a city that is an International party in itself. With its unlimited Bohemian Absinthe, Moravian wine, Czech beer and Vodka Shooters, you are in for a wild ride in Prague.

Prague City

5.Washington DC

It wouldn’t be fair to give the national capital of one of the world’s biggest economy to a miss when it comes to nightlife. The city may not have as much bars as some of the other cities mentioned in the list, but it surely is home to some of the best bars of the world. The ‘Southern Efficiency’, for example offers a massive list of Whiskey or visit ‘Eat the Rich’ for cocktail pitchers. If that is not all, there is ‘Mockingbird Hill’ offering more than fifty varieties of sherry.

Washington DC

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