Anand is a district in the state of Gujarat in the western part of India. The city is an economic center and is a big contributor to the gross domestic product of the state and the country as well. Anand is popular for many industries, ranging from farming to big scale units. But, one of the most prominent of them all is the Milk industry.


The growth of the milk industry here in Gujarat, or to be precise in Anand, started in the year 1946. A co-operative was started in December as a response to the exploitation of small and marginal producers at the hands of big agents and traders. The co-operative was name as Anand Milk Union Limited, or as popularly known AMUL. Over the years a lot of efforts were put in to commercialize the venture and earn profits for the small producers, and soon it started giving tough competition to the established brands. During the White Revolution in Gujarat during 1970, AMUL played a significant role. It won several awards and recognition and is now the second best dairy in India. If you want to know more about Anand then you can book a corporate travel deal from the best travel companies.

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Growth Prospects:

The milk industry in Anand is on a spur, and there is no possible end to it. At present, 12 million farmers own the dairy co-operative network and are producing 88.1 million metric tons of milk. The annual sales of the industry surpass 880 billion rupees, contributing a huge share to the Gross Domestic Product of the state.

Over the years, AMUL has been witnessing a growth in the industry. There has been a 53% rise in long life ultra-heat treatment based products, like tetra packs in AMUL Taaza. AMUL sells almost 5 lakh liters of milk every-day, and the demand is continuously growing at a rate of 25%.

In present times, AMUL products are consumed not just in Gujarat but all over India. They are thoroughly loved and consumed by the people, for the superior quality of their products.

Start-up Opportunities:

AMUL has been working in Anand for decades now and has established itself as a huge brand. People trust it due to its superior products and services. Therefore, it is not easy to start another new business in the same segment here. To compete with the quality, quantity and an already established customer basis that is so wide, requires equally determined efforts.

Although, it is not difficult to join hands with AMUL. One can work as a registered milk producer and earn the profit. AMUL has been expanding its manufacturing plants to various new places, with one opened as recently as in September 2018.

The White capital of the country, Anand district has made India world’s largest milk producer. With it, AMUL has emerged as the biggest food brand in India. It has huge real estate sector and is much affordable than any other city of India. With the big brand name Amul situated over here, more companies are coming to this place to start their venture and get the same reputation as Amul holds today. Gujarat government is also coming up with many new startup policies for the funding of the startups and in order to support the incubators located here.

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