All you need to know about Bangalore’s Heli-Taxi!

Bangalore – The Silicon Valley of India keeps enticing its tourists with something new to offer. Being the hub of IT in India, the place has a lot to offer when it comes to business travel. The recently launched and much talked about Heli taxi is one such example. The much awaited taxi service took its first flight in the first week of March from Bangalore International Airport to the city of electronics. The HeliTaxii service is operated by Thumby Aviation.

Bell 407 helicopter has been deployed to take the passengers from airport to Electronic city phase 1. In a city known for long hour traffic jams, the chopper has reduced the two-hour drive to mere 15 minutes. The company has also revealed its plans of adding a 13 seater Bell 412 helicopter when demand rises in near future.

Timings and location

In spite of flexible flight schedules, the HeliTaxii is currently operating in two shifts. This comes as a good news to those travelling for business as the flights are timed according to peak business hours. The flight takes an average of three trips in the first shift of 6.30 am to 9.45 am. The evening shift operates from 3.15 pm to 6.00 pm and takes another three round trips. The chopper can accommodate six people at a time. The two shifts do not mean you cannot fly during the day, however, you need to pre-book the entire chopper for the same.

The helipad near the airport is located on Secondary Access Road near Blue Dart Warehouse. At the Electronic City, it is located on ITI land, that is just behind the C-DOT building.

Ticket prices for the Heli Taxi

As of now the ticket for Heli Taxi is prices at INR 3500 + GST (INR 4130 per seat). The cost includes drive from the Bangalore airport to helipad location along with luggage up to 15 kg. If you are carrying luggage more than that, it can be easily shipped at a nominal extra charge through a third party logistics company – Carter Porter.

So, if you are planning a business trip to Bangalore anytime soon, there is further good news. The HeliTaxii is offering an inaugural discount to corporate passengers. The promotional fare is INR 2500+ GST (INR 2950).

For many corporates, this may turn out to be cheaper than usual luxury car rentals, not to mention the amount of time it saves.

How to book the Bangalore Heli taxi

You can book the much talked about Heli taxi service in a myriad of ways:

You can download the HeliTaxii mobile app on your smartphone and pre-book your seat well in advance. For the same, you can opt for fly later option, choose the flight you are coming with and add your details. You will be sent a link on your registered e-mail address to make the payment.

You can also choose to book a seat when you arrive at the Bangalore International Airport at the HeliTaxii ticket counter on the arrivals hall.

heli taxi bangalore

You can also choose to pre-book your taxi by calling the 24*7 customer support number.

The director of Business Development at Thumby Aviation has disclosed about their expansion plans to offer HeliTaxii services in more destinations. But the Bangalore project seems to have gathered a lot of appreciation due to the travel time it cuts for busy corporate travellers in the city.

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