How to plan a business trip with your kids?

Today’s modern worker is juggling a lot between business and personal life. People barely find time to take vacations and taking your spouse and kids on a bleisure trip is becoming a popular scenario for working parents. This is an ideal way to explore a new destination with your kids and at the same time getting your work done. If you too are planning to bring your kids along for your next trip, check out the following tips to help you plan:

Business Travel With Kids

Stick to the rules

Going on a business trip with your kids is a common occurrence but it is also important that you understand specific policies of your company and make your plan in accordance to that. It is important to ensure that your employer is comfortable with the idea of you taking your kids along for the trip. At the same time, there are some trips where taking the family along is not a good idea. Put your judgement to use and avoid taking your family along on high stress trips or the ones which are of critical importance.

Bring along a familiar face

Your kids will not be comfortable living in the company of someone they have not met before, especially a new destination without rest of your family. If your kids are not old enough to be left unattended while you are busy fulfilling your business commitments, bring a trusted babysitter or a family member along who can ensure the safety of your kids while you are away.

Consider travelling time

When deciding whether the destination is the right trip for your family, think about the time taken in travelling and how stressful the journey can be. Are you going to make multiple stops or change planes? Will you be travelling to a lot of places during the trip? Another important consideration is the amount of luggage you would need to take. If you think the logistics are complicated, try to avoid bringing your kids along.

Find a kid friendly accommodation

Every hotel is not suitable for kids. So, do your research well and find a property that will not just be suitable for kids but will also enjoy having them around. There are various hotels that cater to specifically kids, have special games and entertainment rooms for them and some would even go to the extent of providing a baby sitter for them.

Know Your Itinerary

Always plan your evening and weekend itineraries in advance. Find out sometime to explore the destination together and be involved in activities that you know your kids will enjoy. Look out for kid’s friendly museums, parks, restaurants etc. in advance.

Have you ever taken your kids along on a corporate trip? What was your experience? We would love to hear your stories in the comments below!

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