Project Stay Safe with Mr. Sanjay Gupta Owner of Sattal Resorts

In this pandemic era, we at, have launched a project called Project Stay Safe. Here, we are talking to hotel owners about the safety and hygiene measures they have taken with regards to Covid19.

Our intention here is to help people by making them aware about the safety and hygiene during their travel.

In this Project Stay Safe, we had a conversation with Mr Sanjay Gupta who owns a resort in Sattal which is given to Hansford to manage.

In this video, Mr. Sanjay Gupta told us what safety and hygiene measures they are taking for their guests. And how they are maintaining the new norm called social distancing. By restricting the number of guests entering elevators as well as public area as a part of social distancing.

Watch the full video where as he described:

–              How they are minimising touch points in regard to digital payment methods to avoid                       human contact.

–              Which cleaning protocols they are following for cleaning and disinfectants.

–              How they are training their staff for food preparation and service practices

Apart from all the safety measures, he also told us about how they are doing regular temperature checks for both the guests and employees.

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