Serviced Apartments – The Best Choice for Corporate Traveller

The concept of corporate housing has been looked as secondary and inferior as compared to luxury and high end hotel accommodations since a long time. However, the scenario seems to have changed with the occurrence of serviced apartments. Once considered inferior housing options for business class people, these accommodation options are now becoming the first choice for a myriad of business travellers who want to feel at peace and comfort when they are on a long business trip. The worldwide availability of these serviced apartments for corporate traveller has made them immensely popular due to a plethora of advantages they offer.


The bar has been raised for serviced corporate apartments in terms of comfort as well as design for business class people. This upcoming breed of temporary apartment systems is becoming synonymous with sophistication for any corporate executive. From the right kind of style to perfect modern furniture, the feel of a serviced apartments even exceeds the feel of a five star hotel in many scenarios.

Serviced apartments are now coming up with latest technology with all amenities that make them a home away from home. High speed internet service, latest kitchen equipment with finest choices of cutlery and crockery and up to date modern heating and cooling systems are some of the common amenities on offer. Another common feature of temporary corporate apartments is the state of the art lighting system to offer.

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The business travellers who are staying for a long time have a common complaint of limitations of living in a hotel. Having said that, a traditional hotel does not offer the privacy that a business man or woman are used to having. During an extended stay, this lack of privacy can leave an impact on the work performance as well as the overall feeling of their well-being. A serviced apartment t on the other hand, allows a business traveller to feel at home even when they are travelling on a business trip. This helps the business traveller easily access the comforts of home, like cooking in a well equipped kitchen and being able to spend time with their friends and family in a homely environment.

Corporate living apartments have the benefit of living in a high end hotel along with the comfort of your own home all at the same time.

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These serviced apartments also offer security services 24 hours a day along with a concierge to assist them for anything that the guest may require. With the mind of privacy and amenities that are on offer, people who are going to travel for their business trips can look forward to their trip to a new destination while being able to experience the comfort, design and feel of these apartments which are able to meet their needs in terms of accommodation. With mobility and diversity that these corporate houses provide, it is not at all surprising that these are becoming a worldwide favourite and a booming industry!

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