Tips for Attracting Business Travelers to Your Independent Hotel

As the peak business travel season heats up, the entire hospitality industry is gearing up to be ready to welcome more and more corporate business traveller.

Business Travelers

If you are worried about your hotel being busy on the weekends but quiet during the week, a business traveller can be your ideal guest for improved occupancy and average daily rate. But easier said than done, how can you attract business guest to your traveller? A business traveller sounds like someone who is rigid and unapproachable, but that is far from truth. Just like any leisure traveller, a business traveller is also looking for a stay that is convenient and comfortable. The only difference being that those travelling for business are looking for an office away from office along with a home away from home. Hence, the amenities that a business traveller needs should work efficiently and make their corporate life less of a burden.

corporate business traveller

Here are some tips on how you can attract a business traveller for your independent property:

Have a Mobile-Optimized Website

A hotel website that is mobile optimised is likely to rank higher in mobile searches than a non-mobile optimised website. Considering most people, especially business traveller mostly use their smartphones for most browsing and hotel bookings, this is one of the most important tool to attract a corporate client. Not to mention it also gives the business traveller an easy access to all information about your property – it’s rates, location and facilities offered.

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Online Bookings

Business clients are always busy and hence are always attracted to convenient services that can save time. Online bookings are a smooth and convenient booking process that not only saves time but also provides corporate rates.

Corporate Travel Portal

Targeted Communications

Email marketing that promote your amenities and highlights services that will make a business stay convenient and productive are a great wa to reach your potential clients. An option to reserve a meeting room/. An airport pick up or a hotel reservation? These are some pre-arrival communications that can help you attract a business traveller to your property.

Targeted Communications

Speedy Check-in & Check-out

A business traveller has no tolerance for inefficiency and time for the =m is much more precious for them as compared to a leisure traveller. Make sure you create the right impact by having a smooth check -in and check-out process. Many properties have started with mobile check-in device or paperless check-in system which makes sure the procedure is swift and efficient without sacrificing a personal service experience.

Speedy Check-in & Check-out


Did you notice that it is typed in CAPS? It is because of the importance it has for any business traveller. Infact, there is no other amenity that is more important for a corporate than a reliable Wi-Fi. Most travellers will even choose a good Wi-Fi connectivity over other amenities when it comes to deciding between two hotels.


It is not possible for every hotel to be able to implement all the ideas on the list, but it is important to remember that the property can cater to the business traveller by focussing their services towards technology and efficiency.

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