Safety Tips for Business Travelers During the Covid 19 Outbreak

With its tentacles spread in more than 135 countries, the Covid-19 has emerged as a global scare for business travelers. We are witnessing unprecedented curbs on air travel and things are even worse when it comes to international flights. However, there are times, when you are compelled to board the flight for professional/personal commitments. There is no doubt that risk of infection is involved in air travel at present. We give you some tips that will definitely diminish the threat of Covid-19 infection at an altitude of 30,000 feet above.

Business Travelers

Avoid touching common surfaces

Escalators, door handles, counter-tops, taps and various other surfaces at airports as well as the seatback trays, armrests and headrests on the seats are likely to be touched by a large number of people. Avoid touching such surfaces as far as possible.

Make a Hand Sanitizer your travel buddy

While most people are relying on face masks to protect themselves, it is a good hand sanitizer that you must use always. Today, most of the public areas in airports and other places have hand sanitizer bottles in place. Make sure to cleanse your hands frequently while on a flight and avoid touching any part of your face with your hands as far as possible.

Keep distance

Stay away from any co-passenger who seems to be coughing or displaying symptoms of viral infection. Bring such a passenger to the notice of the flight crew if in transit or the airline ground-staff if you spot such a passenger before take-off/boarding the flight. We need to join ranks to fight the Covid-19 menace and ignorance is our worst enemy.

Keep yourself hydrated

You must drink adequate amount of water and ensure that you are well-hydrated always. For all the business travelers its a good habit to keep a water bottle along with themselves.


Care for symptoms

If you experience any symptoms of flu or viral infection in the days prior to your departure time, don’t ignore the signs. By pressing ahead with your travel plans, you won’t put your own health at risk, but also potentially jeopardize the efforts of others to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading. Fly only if you know you are fit.

Avoid masks unless sick

Contrary to perception, health experts don’t recommend usage of masks for those who are not unwell. As long as you are being alert and maintaining good hand hygiene, you are not required to put on face masks.

Be well-informed

The updates and situations in various countries are changing by the hour/day. Hence, it is very important for you to be well-aware of the situation in your destination region. You won’t find it pleasant to land in a place which is under lockdown and you are left stranded at the airport.

While these are times to be cautious for all the business travelers and all advisories recommend avoiding non-essential travel, these tips will definitely make your journey safer! Still, if you feel unwell during any part of your air travel, contact the local health authorities immediately and don’t try to move around until help arrives.

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