Tips to stay fit during a business travel

No doubt a business travel can be stressful and unpredictable. There may be daunting conference schedules, back to back meetings, not so ideal weather conditions and some very demanding clients. With all that, how can you be expected to stick to your regular exercise regimen?
business traveler Exercise

It is important to note however, that if you don’t keep a check, bad habits during a business trip can take a serious toll on your overall quality of life and productivity at work too. while it can be easy to see business trips as cheat days, you tend to be more productive if you can find a balance and figure out ways to be active. There are various creative workout options for business travellers beyond traditional gyms.

Here are some top tips to maintain your health even when you are away on a business trip!

1. Stay active when you commute.

Incorporating some light physical activities during your commute can be beneficial for someone who is always on the go. It can also offset the negative effects of sitting for hours as well as get your fitness regime started. Those who are going for a flight with layover, can pack their walking shoes and take walking laps around the terminal. You can also look for a gym in or around the airport to get a quick workout.

If that does not appeal to you much, taking stairs rather than elevators is another simple solution. After reaching your destination, a few small changes in your daily activities can make huge difference. If you are staying in an active neighbourhood, take advantage of that and walk to meetings as and when possible. This is also an ideal way to explore the city while you are out working.

2. make use of what you have

There is no need to complicate things. Business travel often needs you to travel light which means bringing your exercise equipment is a big no. so, learn to be flexible. Incorporate exercises like crunches, yoga and push ups which you can do right in your hotel rooms. If there is a park around, go for an early morning walk or jog. Make use of hotel swimming pool or rent a bicycle to commute.

3. Make working out a priority

make your workout a priority, no matter what. It is preferred that you work out at the same time every day even when you are travelling. A morning workout is the best option as it lets you clear your mind before you begin your day, but you can customise your workout schedules the way it suits you so that you are able to stick to it.

Also, make technology your friend. Download a fitness tracker or exercise apps on your smartphone which encourage you to work out and even give you reminders.

4. Start right away.

Once you settle in the hotel room after a long flight, all you would want to do is relax. So, make it easier for yourself and pack your exercise clothes and shoes in your hand luggage to make them easy to access. That can get you ready to exercise as soon as you reach the lodging.

5. Take care of your body.

Staying active and fit needs a balanced diet. It can be easy to forget the rules that apply back home when you are outside your normal environment. So, drink plenty of water, sleep early and eat right. It is also important to limit your sugar intake. Try not to indulge yourself too much in after work drink and be wise when ordering them.


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