Top 5 Affordable International Vacations

Being Indians we love to plan. We plan for our house, we plan to buy a car and we even plan to take our vacations, especially the International ones. We plan for vacations according to our budgets – the budget being the ultimate decision maker of when and where we will travel. But what if we tell you taking an International trip is not as expensive as it is perceived to be. Here are five of the most affordable destinations you don’t need to spend a years’ worth of your salary on:

1.Thailand :

This one tops the chart without any second thought. When it comes to International vacations, there is no other country that can match the tourism ratio of Thailand. One of the world’s most renowned destinations, Thailand has a lot to offer for everyone. Known for its tropical beaches, royal palaces, beautiful temples, Thailand is an ultimate vacation spot for families, couples and bachelors. You can visit Krabi for the insta worthy beaches or stay in Bangkok to visit the Wat Pho temple or literally shop till you drop in Bangkok’s Pratunam Market.

thailand vacation spots for couples

Air Tickets: A round-trip air ticket from New Delhi or Mumbai should cost you around INR 20000.

Places to visit: Bangkok, Pattaya, Coral Islands, Krabi and Chiang Mai are good options to explore the culture of Thailand. A 4N/5D trip should let you explore enough.


One of the most popular destinations for shopping lover’s and leisure travelers, Dubai boasts of its stunning beauty and a bunch of things to do. Several striking monuments, Dessert safari and a visit to Gold Souk are a few of Dubai’s attractions.

leisure travellers in Dubai

Air Tickets: A round trip from New Delhi or Mumbai should cost about INR14000 if you plan in advance.

Places to Visit: Dessert Safari, Burj Al Arab, Mall of Emirates, Gold Souk. A 4N/5D itinery is suggested.

3.Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an uncommon but upcoming tourist destination. Most people stop at Colombo before heading to the beautiful beaches. It is a visit to home away from home since the culture matches of what we have in India. Sri Lanka is home to beautiful landscapes and scenic beauty along with wonderful hospitality.
Sri Lanka

Air Tickets: a round ticket can cost around INR 20000 from New Delhi and INR8000 from Chennai.

Places to visit: Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Bentota re-recommended. A 4N/5D itinery is suggested.


Intricately sculpted temples, absolute green rice plantations, blue green seas and sandy beaches are just a few things Indonesia has to offer. Rich in cultural heritage visit Indonesia for its encouraging natural beauty.

indonesia temple

Air tickets: a round trip should cost around INR25000 or less

Places to Visit: make sure to visit Jakarta, Bali and Java. Spa treatments are worth giving a try, an itinery of 5N/6D is suggested.


When you think of Malaysia, you imagine Turquoise waters, stunning beaches and pleasant climates. One of the most popular destinations in South East Asia, it offers the perfect picturesque experience.

Air Tickets: A round trip costs about INR20000

Malaysia stunning beaches

Places to visit: Kuala Lumpur, Redang Island, Sarawak and Pangkor. A 4D/3N itinery is suggested.

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