The Ultimate Checklist on Choosing the Travel Insurance

When we plan to travel, travel insurance is mostly at the end of our ‘to-do’ list. It’s good to be positive and think we’ll be fine, we won’t need it. But then, it is still important. It ensures that if and when things go wrong, we have a backup plan, a safety net and a reassurance that we are protected at all times.

To talk in brief, a travel insurance will book you in a hotel when your flight is cancelled, fly you home in case of a family emergency, replace a stolen camera, and provide you money if your luggage gets lost. So, next time you put off taking a travel insurance, don’t.

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On the other hand, buying a wrong travel policy can turn out to be as bad as not having one. So, how do you decide which travel insurance do you take? Who wants to read long terms and scrips of an insurance company while you have brochures and pamphlets of your booked tours in hand? Since, it is the most complex yet essential aspect of trip planning, we have created a simple checklist cum guide for you.
Travel Insurance

Here are 10 essential questions you need to ask your travel insurance agent before you book with them:

1.Are all of my destinations covered? 

If you are going to a single destination, this is going to be easy. But if you have multiple stop overs, make sure each of these destinations are included in the policy, even if you are going to be there for only one night. So always ask your insurer if all your destinations are covered.

2.Is the medical cover right for me? 

It is important to understand the amount of coverage and the terms and conditions regarding the same. Higher the cost of insurance, higher will be the cover. Also discuss about your current medical conditions and the terms regarding the same. In case of an emergency, the insurance cover should be able to take care of your huge hospital bills. So, knowing if the medical cover you are taking is the right choice for you is always a good idea.

3.Are all my belongings covered? 

Most insurance policies provide some level of coverage for your belongings. Find out if it will be enough for the belongings and baggage you are taking along. Also take an additional supplement cover for your electronics like laptop and DSLR.

4.What happens if the luggage is lost? 

Generally the baggage cover is enough for the baggage you are taking, but in some special cases, if the airline loses your baggage and does not offer a compensation, your travel insurance ca take care of it.

5.How much excess do I have to pay? 

Things are not as rosy as they look. Most insurance covers require you to pay an excess before you start receiving an aid.

6.What is not included in my policy? 

This is ideally the most important question. Reading through the insurer’s product disclosure statement will give you a comprehensive view of what is excluded out of your cover. Knowing what is not included is as important as what is.

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