Underwater Museums You Should Totally Check Out

With increased liking for adventure and water sports, the world tourism is trying to surprise us with a new and exciting innovation every now and then. With water sports like snorkelling and scuba diving gaining so much popularity, we get to hear a number of underwater activities like underwater dining, underwater caves, aquariums and even underwater museums. Yes, you can explore historical ruins and contemporary art at these unique museums. Even if you are not a certified scuba diver, these museums can be seen by snorkelling too.

1.Baia Underwater Park, Italy

Not many people know about Baia, the city which was abandoned in 18th century and got submerged under water. Once a lavish sea side resort for Romans, it is now compared to Vegas or Beverly Hills. With the guidance of an instructor you can swim between marble structures and touch it with bare hands. Alternatively, you can also visit them in glass bottomed boats.

2.Herod’s Harbour, Israel

Located in the city of Caesarea, Herod’s Harbour was opened in the year 2006. It focusses on one of the biggest ports of Roman Empire. Visitors often visit to see the original foundation, ruined lighthouse and anchors. Visitors are given a map before they embark towards the museum which is divided in to 36 different sign posted sites on four different trails.

Herod’s Harbour, Israel

.Shipwreck Trail, Florida Keys

Visit the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to visit the beautiful trail of Historic ship wrecks. With nearly a dozen of ships resting in shallow waters from San Pedro to Thunderbolt, a visit to this trail is worth experiencing at least once.

Shipwreck Trail, Florida Keys

4.Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

The museum is a host to 65 crafted concrete figures – both human and still life located beneath Moliniere Bay. Visitors often snorkel here themselves to get a fish eye view of the entire work.

Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

5.MuseoSubacuático de Arte (MUSA)

Located in Mexico, the museum is known to be a Masterpiece. It’s a contemporary art museum with more than 500 permanent monumental sculptures. The idea behind the museum is to depict the interaction between art and science and also to form a reef structure for marine life to colonise. The museum can be visited in glass boats or through snorkelling and scuba diving.

MuseoSubacuático de Arte (MUSA)

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