Ways to Effective Meetings

An ideal way to discuss and solve problems is effective meetings. It is a great way to solve problems not just in companies but also in personal matter. Whether you are a boss or an employee, anyone can contribute and speak in a meeting. While most meetings are tools important for productivity, some meetings just don’t work out. Here are some techniques to effective meetings in the corporate world:

Have a clear purpose for the meeting

A meeting can only be effective if the purpose and goals are met, whether it is a company crisis or a dispute between two employees. Defining the purpose of your meeting before you send out a formal invitation is vital.

Invite only the important people

Having only the necessary people is another step to have effective meetings. Does the purpose of meeting relate to security of the company? In that case inviting the sales people will be of no use. Make sure you invite only the people involved.

Do not allow the use of smartphones during the meeting

It is surely not easy to compete for people’s attention when they are using their phones. To ensure that the agenda is focussed on, make sure you be the bad guy and ban the use of cell phones and tablets so that each participant can focus on the meeting and its agenda.

Have a moderator for the meeting

Even if you are the one who has planned the meeting, you have to ensure that moderator is someone else. If you think someone else can do the job better, do not shy away from assigning them as a moderator. Instruct the monitor on your expectations and ensure that he also acts as a timekeeper to watch the flow of meeting.

Have lesser but better meetings

Find effective ways to resolve problems instead of calling a meeting every time there is a dispute in the company. Send regular emails and talk to responsible people in the organisation. If you call fewer meetings, participants will be glad to be a part of them.

Once you are through with the meeting, ask for a feedback from participants and try to incorporate their requests in following meetings.

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